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Client vs customer: Know the difference? Who is looking out for me? January 21, 2023 Do brokerages owe clients a higher level of service and obligation than they do customers? At the Hillis group, when we first meet a new client, a big part of our communications is about agency relationships. And what each means. […]

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First-Time Seller “Setbacks” (and How To Prepare For Them) Think back to when you bought your current home? There were things that happened during the transaction that sent you into a panic. But ended up being a totally normal part of the process of buying a house. In hindsight, you can probably even laugh at […]

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Clearing Clutter for Charity Are you thinking of selling your home?  Here are 10 ways to give to charity. The number one thing we recommend to our clients is to “declutter“.  We all have collections, whether stacks of books, our children’s old sports equipment kitchen odds and ends of dishes, glasses, cutlery. Also, furniture is […]