Virtual Home Selling & Buying Option

the virtual real estate process

Virtual Home Selling & Buying Option

Another Way to Do Real Estate.

If you need to buy or sell a home during these uncertain times, you’re going to need a plan and it best is digital! Virtual home selling and buying is a program to sell your home without having to do a lot of “in-person” visits. It is becoming one of the most popular approaches by helping buyers and sellers transact from the comfort of their own residence.

Virtual Home Selling

two people on zoom virtual meeting

Virtual home appointments

Zoom is very popular. Schedule a virtual consultation, share a screen, and view the home. Either using a mobile device or camera.

cell phone showing electronic signature

Electronic Signatures

Signing digitally is fast becoming the norm. At the Hillis group, we like to minimize the person to person and believe long after the pandemic and restrictions are gone, this will become the norm. Everyone can easily sign contract documents from the comfort of their own home! All without pressure or restraints.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been around for some time now. Virtual home selling and buying are simply an extension of this virtual practice. Your home can be marketed across multiple digital channels to get the most amount of exposure to potential buyers.

hand sanitizer amd face mask

Showing Restrictions

Try not to restrict buyers and we always recommend allowing as many people to come to see your home as possible. However, with our latest technology of 3D virtual viewing, we can restrict many that are not qualified. We work to pre-qualify potential buyers by having them fill out a COVID-19 questionnaire. We provide gloves, booties, that buyers will wear while they are in your home. Its all part of the process included in the service.

Virtual Home Buying

Virtual Consultations

We’ll schedule a virtual consultation with you (either by phone or video conference) to discuss what your needs and wishlist items are and to come up with a game plan to help you find what you’re looking for.

person receiving digital listing alerts

Digital Listing Alerts

After we determine what your wants and needs in a home are, we’ll set up online property alerts so you’ll receive notifications of homes that match your exact buying criteria. You will receive a copy the moment the home hits the market!

virtual home tours

Virtual Home Tours

Most sellers are allowing qualified buyers to schedule appointments to see their home in person, but if you do not feel comfortable, we are offering virtual home tours where we’ll take you through the home by video.

electronic signatures for virtual home buying

Electronic Signatures

We utilize Docusign so you can easily sign contract documents from the comfort of your own home! If you’ve never used DocuSign before, we’re happy to walk you through how to use it.

wireless transfers for virtual home buying

Wireless Deposits

Most brokerages will accept either a wire transfer from your banking institution or even an e-transfer right from your phone!

person reading home inspection report electronically

Inspection Delivered Electronically

Our inspectors will send you the full inspection report via email so you don’t have to attend in person. The report will include detailed photos and descriptions, and if you have specific questions, our inspectors are happy to help clarify!

a family celebrating buying a home

Welcome, Home!

Congratulations! You bought a home! We can arrange for a mobile closing, or your closing will take place with safe social distancing practices in place.

Virtual home selling/buying might not be for everyone. So you will still have the option of doing any of the above in person with us. But for every step of the process, we make virtual an option to make things easier for you.

If you are ready to get started or have questions about our Virtual Home Selling/Buying process, please fill out the form below or schedule a time to chat with us.

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