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Many agents will tell you that if you want to know how to sell a house, the only thing you should think about is getting the most money for it. We agree, but only to a certain extent, because there’s more to selling real estate than just that. We believe that while the final result will be expressed in numbers, we think there are a several other things to take into account: like who you are, and how you feel.

Individual and Unique.

At The Hillis Group, we’ve honed our ability to assess the potential of properties within every market condition. We are experts in prepping homes for sale, hilighting and marketing them for maximum exposure and negotiating sales agreements. Our Group of professionals are trained to treat each property individually and to recognize the uniqueness of every client’s situation. We know how to sell a house, and we want to do it with you.

Feel Good and Get the Most.

If you’re thinking of selling real estate, or just looking for some advice, we think you should know what to expect. Working with us, you’ll see that our expertise is dedicated to maximizing the price you get for your home and helping you feel good throughout the real estate selling process. So give us a call or click here to send us an email. We’ll schedule an appointment. We’ll have a conversation. We’ll learn a little about each other and we’ll provide you with choices.

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