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If you’re thinking of selling your home you probably know how important it is that your home is in tip-top shape. To get started think and consider home features that buyers are looking for right now. Here are 7 features that buyers are looking for right now. Outdoor Space Right now, the outside of your […]

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This is a short summary of features within this adult living condominium building.

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Clearing Clutter for Charity Are you thinking of selling your home?  Here are 10 ways to give to charity. The number one thing we recommend to our clients is to “declutter“.  We all have collections, whether stacks of books, our children’s old sports equipment kitchen odds and ends of dishes, glasses, cutlery. Also, furniture is […]

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Senior Downsizing Service Tips Relocating from your Family home? The thought of moving is overwhelming enough. When you combine moving with downsizing, it can feel like a mountain of work and complex. Where do you start? What if you forget something? Are you emotionally tied? Above all, to help you work through some of the […]