About Virtual Showings

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About Virtual Showings

You may have concerns about selling your home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing rules have changed everything from your shopping habits to your work schedule to your social life. But if you’re in the midst of planning to sell your home, virtual showings are becoming elements of the sales process.

When showing your home during these uncertain times, virtual tours and 3D video has become the norm. This is all thanks to high-quality technologies and skilled professionals.

What every seller needs to know about virtual showings is on a number of platforms.

Like a live stream on Facebook, a FaceTime call with your agent, or a video conference via Zoom. You can even create a floor plan with a 3D recorded video. All can be scheduled or accessed through your home’s listing page. 

This type of tour – open house requires a little bit more planning and tech-savvy by the listing agents part. Here’s what you need to know to show your home in its best light.

Take your own video first before you allow the virtual showing.

Your home is going to look a lot different on-screen than it will in person. Light, shadow, and colours will often appear more intense on camera than when seen in person. This can create the perception of smaller rooms. Before you can fix any of these issues, you need to see how your home looks on camera. The easiest way to do that is to take a walk through yourself. Record it with your phone and then see how it looks.

All countertop surfaces are best to clear for the virtual showings

Get ready to declutter like you’ve never decluttered before.

Rent a storage unit now! You’ll be needing it. (Some charities aren’t even taking donations at this time. For one, you don’t want any tripping hazards to get in the way of your Agent’s tour. Second, the less you have in your home, the easier it will be for potential buyers to feel the space. Since they can’t be there in person, it’s difficult to get a sense of a room’s scale on a screen. Furniture and accessories seem “bigger” when viewed on video and can easily create an overwhelming look.

Consider how virtual showings will look with a messy and cluttered space.

Think white, light, bright, and airy for effect virtual showing.

The most successful Instagram and YouTube home tours often feature spaces that hit all of these elements. White paint helps make rooms seem brighter on camera. The airier a home feels with sunlight and natural textures, the more desirable it will be.

light bright airy dining room
This look is ideal for a virtual showing. Floors and wall base around the room are free of possessions. Dining chairs are tucked in. Curtains open for maximum sunlight.

Pinpoint the time the most sunlight effect your home then record the virtual showing.

Artificial light casts yellow tones that you might not notice in person, but definitely notice on camera. That’s why professional videographers (and influencers) always strive to shoot when there’s the most natural light in a space. Take note of the time during the day when your home has the most sunlight. Make a note of any parts of your home that happen to get the least sunlight. This will help your Agent when scheduling their virtual showings or recording their video tour. 

Tip: If there are areas of your home that don’t get much sunlight, replace the bulbs with white LED bulbs.

lamp/lighbulb on table
In areas less lit, add lighting and accessories. Think about the wording and pieces you add.

Come up with “Frequently Asked Questions”about virtual showings

Whether your Agent opts for a live stream or a pre-recorded 3D video tour, buyers will have many more questions. Assist your Agent by making a list of room dimensions. Provide details for your agent to paint a transparent picture of your home and its history. Things like the approximate age, any information about recent additions or renovations, etc. The more details offered the quicker buyers can make a buying decision.

person writing list
Prepare with written things to do and checklists. Write out your questions and be prepared to ask your professional

In the end, a virtual showing might become the new normal even when the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. After all, it’s convenient and time-efficient, requiring less time for potential buyers to schedule or travel to. Making changes that enhance your home’s on-camera impression is an investment that might ultimately pay off.

Please Note: COVID-19 Property Showing Policy must be acknowledge and disclosed by all vistors that phyically visit your home.

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