Mr. And Mrs. B. Spencer

In June, we sold one of our listed properties to a family, to accommodate room for an 81 year old parent. The parent, (Bill) decided the family should all live together. So, as good adult children do, will were given the task to sell their current smaller family home and Bills condo, and to make sure they were sold so the funds would be in place to close the bigger new purchase. We needed the properties sold A.S.A.P. To cut to the chase, within weeks of implementing the marketing plan, getting everything up for sale- both properties, Bill advised his daughter, he had changed his mind and not moving in with the daughter and her family into the bigger home. Bill had met the lady of his dreams and they decided to get married within 60 days. When I asked Bill, how come so fast, you just met? Bill stated, they often passed each other in the lobby, but they were never formally introduced. For context- They lived only three floors apart in the same building for 25 years. So, Bill and his new love Married and Bill moved up three floors. What about the sale of both properties? That’s the boring part. We sold both properties! Bill now lives with his new bride and Bills daughter and her family have a much larger home with an in-law suite, that turns out to be home to two teenage girls, ( not connected to the family) that had nowhere to live! Now, that is amazing… who do you think had this all planned?

-Mr. And Mrs. B. Spencer, Seller