Single and Loving It

condo life

You like to go out. You enjoy the company of your friends. You like to have fun. Your lifestyle is all about the enjoyment. So where do you choose to live? Is it the condo life for you? Or something more individualized with a garden?

How you live now.

For every person, there’s a place where life and lifestyle come together. And while the conventions of real estate often assume you’ll be building a family, the reality is that many adults do not follow that path. In our experience, it is not at all uncommon for men or women to invest in a home that they see as being just for themselves. And that can mean an investment in the condo life, or in a smaller house that suits your singular needs.

Focused results.

At The Hillis Group, we understand the single life. And we have experience in helping people like you to find homes that meet the individualized needs and expectations that come with it. It’s the difference between “we” and “me.” Whether you’re happiest on your own, or ready to invest in real estate before you meet your life partner, what you get from your home should match your situation and your interests.

Your own interests.

For you, life is about having fun. You like to eat out. You expect amenities and put them to good use. You enjoy leaving a warm apartment and getting into a warm car.

Give us a call.

If you want to know more about the lifestyle options we can bring your way – whether it be the Toronto condo life, or something else, give us a call or click here to send us an email. We’ll schedule an appointment. We’ll have a conversation. We’ll learn a little about each other and then, you decide.