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09 / 22

Take a closer look at the key highlights from last year with CREA’s 2021 Year in Review housing market snapshot. With a lack of supply, the 2021 year in review of Canada’s housing markets saw record-breaking home sales and price growth. Get the national stats here Get the national pricing map here

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Think back. Way way back to March 2020 when we were all just learning about COVID. Back then, the current 6 realities about real estate right now did not exist. We were more concerned that the real estate market would crash. The uncertainty made it difficult to predict and even imagine what would happen to […]

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PJ Wade (Realty Times) Once you decide that you want to buy a new home — or your first house — the question is, “Where do we start?” The answer lies in two sets of decisions: #1. Start With Success Begin by deciding what success means to you. Clarify what you really want and why, […]