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23 / 20

If you’re selling your home soon, you probably know how important it is that your home is in tip-top shape. Before you pull up easy Pinterest DIY projects that make your home look trendy, consider the features that buyers are actually looking for right now and how you can make sure these features are showcased […]

04 / 20

Think back. Way, way, back to March, when we were all just learning about COVID… Every hour, there was a new update about the virus, a new round of stay home orders, and lots of predictions about how the economy would weather a pandemic. Back then, there was reasonable concern that the real estate market […]

18 / 20

Credit: Jake Abramowicz – (Mortgage Jake) We just found out the new stress, effective April 6th has been slightly changed for buyers with 5-19% down payment buyers (or, “High Ratio” borrowers). The new stress test is rather convoluted but at least it’s something rather than nothing. It’s also a sign that the buyers who have 20% […]

30 / 20

PJ Wade (Realty Times) Once you decide that you want to buy a new home — or your first house — the question is, “Where do we start?” The answer lies in two sets of decisions: #1. Start With Success Begin by deciding what success means to you. Clarify what you really want and why, […]